How to Mint Cuddly Reindeer NFTs Directly From Smart Contract: Step-by-Step

Minting NFTs through smart contracts to many it’s something they have never done before.

You will need to have a MetaMask wallet with ether funded in you wallet to mint a Cuddly Reindeer.

First Step: fund your wallet

Before you begin your initial journey to mint Cuddly Reindeer NFT directly from the smart contract you will need to make sure you have enough funds (Ether) with a little extra for gas fees on MetaMask (make sure you are signed in you MetaMask wallet)

Max mint per transaction is 20 Cuddly Reindeer, for other quantities not in the table you need to multiply the quantity*0.02 eth, for example if you want to mint 3 Cuddly Reindeer then you need to have at least 3*0.02 eth = 0.06 eth + gas in your wallet.

Second Step: Etherscan smart contract

Use the following link to open the smart contract of Cuddly Reindeer in Etherscan:

Third Step: Contract

Click on the “Contract” section on the Cuddly Reindeer smart contract main page.

Third Step: Connect your wallet

To connect your wallet to mint Cuddly Reindeer NFTs click on “Write Contract” button.

Then click on “Connect to Web3” button (this button will be displayed after you clicked on “Write Contract” button.

A pop-up window will be displayed and you need to select/click on “MetaMask” to connect your wallet to Etherscan

Click “OK” on the next pop-up window

Now your wallet is connected to Etherscan and ready to mint directly from the smart contract

Third Step: Mint Cuddly Reindeer NFTs

Click on “adopt” section on the smart contract

Two fields are displayed after you clicked on “adopt” section

You need to fill both fields, in the “payableAmount (ether)” field you need to enter the total ether to mint your Cuddly Reindeer NFTs. For example if you want to adopt 1 Cuddly Reindeer then you need to enter .02, if you want to adopt 10 Cuddly Reindeer then enter .1 and so on.

In the “_numToMint (uint256)” field enter the quantity of Cuddly Reindeer to adopt.

Next, click on “Write” button

Confirm the transaction on MetaMask



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Cuddly Reindeer

Cuddly Reindeer

The Cuddly Reindeer collection consists of 9876 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain